What is Ultrasound Cavitation for Inch Loss?

If you are looking to reduce the circumference of your thighs, hips, stomach or get rid of stubborn pockets of fat that won’t shift no matter how much you diet and exercise, then Ultrasonic Cavitation could be for you. 

Whether you are looking to lose inches from your waist or reduce the size of your hips and thighs, Ultrasound Cavitation treatments could help you improve your body shape, as well as your confidence.

The Ultrasound Cavitation treatment is a completely non-invasive treatment for the reduction of body fat. The treatment is pain freenon-surgical and there is no recovery time. A course of Ultrasound Cavitation could help to reduce inches and reshape your body.

Ultrasound Cavitation works by breaking down and shrinking fat cells in the area you are looking to improve without harming any other cells in the body. The contents of the fat cells are safely eliminated through your lymphatic system or used as energy.

Ultrasound cavitation is most effective at treating larger areas of fat, that can’t be so easily treated with Fat Freezing. It works particularly well when you combine it with Fat Freezing.



Ultrasonic cavitation fat removal uses low-frequency ultrasound waves to target and reduce fatty deposits beneath the skin and also smooth out cellulite.
It works by sending ultrasonic waves into the fat cells. This disrupts the cells and “vibrates” them until the cell membranes break down, liquefying and releasing the fat from the cells. These fats are then readily available for your body to use as energy or remove through the lymphatic system.

1. Reduced cellulite and firmer skin
Due to the additional benefit of new collagen and elastin fibre production promoted by the ultrasonic waves.

2. Reduced size of the treated area
Due to the breakdown and release of fatty deposits.

3. An overall more sculpted and contoured body shape


Ultrasonic Cavitation in action


The treatment lasts about 30-60 minutes, is totally painless, and comes with no known side effects. Usually, the results can be seen immediately, and you can resume your normal routine and exercise straight away.
Once the fat cells are broken down and emulsified, the liquid is discharged into the intra-cellular space between cells. The body then metabolises this enzymatically-changed fluid into glycerol and free fatty acids. The blood absorbs the water soluble and uses it as an energy source. The insoluble free fatty acids, however, are processed through the liver in the natural lymphatic process.
Yes. It’s a non-surgical procedure, without anesthesia, non-invasive and allows you to carry on with your social life before and after the sessions. Ultrasonic Cavitation is FDA approved.
The Ultrasound Cavitation Non-Surgical “Liposuction” emulsifies fat and coverts solid fat into a liquid substance that is easy to remove through the lymphatic and urinary systems. Some of the melted fat will be used for energy and the rest will be excreted through the urine that is why drinking water is essential. If you do not drink adequate water before and after each treatment, it will be harder for your system to remove the fat. You may notice an increase in urination after each session.
No, most clients consider the procedure painless and comfortable. During the treatment you will feel a soothing heat in the targeted area. A little “blushing” or reddening may occasionally appear but it does not cause pain. The heat generated is perfectly tolerable. There may be a slight discomfort due to the specific low frequency ultrasound noise experienced, but it poses no harm and disappears as soon as you are not in contact with the transducer. The treatment can be compared to the feeling of finishing an intense workout.
Because you are reducing fat deposits you may experience some loss in weight but Ultrasound Cavitation Non-Surgical “Liposuction” itself is not a weight loss treatment. It is particularly indicated to reduce adipose fat and cellulite, which will reduce circumference. Diet suggestions will be recommended to follow throughout your treatment program and will enhance the elimination of fat deposits and the loss of weight.
It is ideal for people who are dissatisfied with certain areas of fatty deposits but do not want to undergo any invasive surgical treatment like liposuction. A good candidate is someone looking for fat removal from a specific area. The treatment does not necessarily result in overall weight loss, but results in improved shape & contour and size reduction in the treatment area. If you are currently following a healthy diet or a good weight loss plan, results will be more significant and weight loss will more likely occur. Great results can be obtained for those who have up to 25 – 30 pounds or less to lose. Cavitation is ideal for those who have tried to shift the stubborn fatty bulges with diet or exercise and are aiming for a smoother and more balanced shape. Ultrasound Cavitation and RF body contouring is not a treatment for morbid obesity nor is it a weight loss cure. If a significant amount of surplus fat exists, we recommend successfully dieting before beginning the treatment programme. A consultation will determine whether or not you are a good candidate for the procedures.
All those areas with localised fat and cellulite: thighs, abdomen, buttocks, hip flanks, arms and legs.
It is fast becoming the number one treatment for cellulite reduction. Studies show a dramatic reduction in cellulite after a course of treatment.
The treatment is non-invasive and painless. You may feel a warming sensation on the area being treated and a slight feeling of vibration in the fat layer. There is also a slight ringing in the ears caused by the ultrasound waves passing through your tissues. It is completely safe, normal and stops as soon as the cavitation head is removed.
You are able to return to your normal activities immediately. It is performed as a walk in, walk out treatment and there is no lengthy recovery period as with surgical fat removal. Treatment is generally considered by most people to be painless, with no pain or discomfort post-treatment. A mild tingling and/or warm sensation have been reported during treatment. There are very few documented side effects to date, although bruising is considered to be rare and if it occurs will be very mild, some redness and mild swelling may be noticed for a very short time post-treatment.
It is best to leave at least 3 days between your appointments. It is essential to allow your body enough time to metabolise and excrete fats and waste materials after each session. Maintenance treatments are recommended with the first four taking place one month apart and then once every four months after that to maintain your results.
Most clients experience a reduction in circumference after the first session, with increasing results after each visit but especially after the third treatment and onward. The results may vary from person to person with different tissue structure, treatment area, age, metabolism, medications, and changes in hormones. Proper diet, adequate water intake and increased physical activity will certainly improve and help to maintain your results. Results will continue to improve for several weeks following the last treatment session. You will continue to metabolize fat for up to twelve weeks, which means that, as most people do not make new fat cells in later life, the loss can be permanent. This procedure will also leave you with firmer, smoother looking skin than before, due to the inclusion of Radio Frequency Therapy, which encourages the fibroblasts within the skin to produce collagen.
Between 3 and 12 sessions may be required. This depends on body mass and circumference size, age, hormonal balance, medications and your desired goals.
To achieve the best results, it is recommended to refrain from any alcohol consumption for 2 – 3 days following your treatments. Alcohol can prevent your liver from working to remove fats as it will make alcohol metabolism its priority before fat removal and could hinder your results. Alcohol is treated like sugar and your body will convert it into FAT!
It is strongly recommended to avoid carbohydrates (including alcohol) for 24 hours post treatment, giving the body time to eliminate toxins and waste from the body. It is important to drink plenty of water to aid this process as well. Exercise is highly recommended to stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems to remove toxins released during a treatment.
An average of 4-8 inches total reduction in circumference can be achieved after a single treatment of the abdomen in most clients. Multiple treatments result in incremental circumference reduction and high client satisfaction in most individuals. Results are long lasting so long as you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. The fat cells are eliminated during a course of treatments, thereby reducing the body’s ability to increase in size. However a diet and lifestyle of poor food choices and indulgence will lead to further weight gain, so it is important to commit to a healthy diet and lifestyle to get the best long term benefits from your treatments.
Yes. Cavitation treatments are not recommended for people with active heart disease or vascular disease, pacemakers, thrombosis, patients requiring medical transplants, pregnancy and breast feeding, individuals with metal prostheses or any serious illness, or for those who are taking lipid lowering drugs or anticoagulant drugs.
es, because the Cavitation destroys the fat cells (which do not replenish) in the treated area with no damage to the vascular system.
Once the fat has been released by the cells it is dispersed into the fluid between the cells then transported to the liver. The liver makes no distinction between fat coming from a Cavitation treatment and fat originating from consumed foods. Both are processed by the body’s natural mechanisms and converted to bile. This is excreted from the body naturally via the urine and stools.
After cavitation, the triglycerides are removed naturally by the body. The only side effects may be that you feel a little thirsty as the body wants to flush these waste products from the body. So drink 2 litres of water a day for 5-7 days after treatment. You may have some redness around the treated area and mild bruising, both which are very normal, temporary and will subside.
Results will be permanent or long-lasting as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you gain weight after the treatment, it will be all over your body and not just in that area as fat cells have been removed from that area. It is good to see Cavitation as part of a bigger picture, where you are committed to becoming healthier, have a good diet, don’t drink regularly to excess and take some regular exercise as well as ensuring your body is well hydrated.


Cavitation is world renowned for breaking down fat cells instantly.  Your body processes these lipids out of the body over the next 5-7 days.  The more sessions you have the more inch loss you will see.  6-8 sessions are recommended.  Inch loss will be a focus in this cavitation session.

Below are prices with examples of what can be achieved in the given time.