A typical fat freezing treatment session will last about an hour which includes an initial consultation. I also like to talk to people before hand to discuss medial history and ensure suitability for treatment. I will explain how the treatment works, including discussing any potential side effects.

I will assess and discuss the areas which you’d like treating and build a treatment plan with you. Measurements will be taken so results can be monitored.

Whilst it’s non-invasive and doesn’t require the use of needles or scalpels, it can feel a little uncomfortable at first. However, due to the advanced technology of the Cryolipolysis machine and my expert knowledge the treatment will be virtually pain-free.

During the procedure, a large vacuum-like unit will be placed on the specific treatment area you want fat to be reduced from. At first for a few moments you will feel a light warm hugging sensation from the vacuum to hold the plates in the exact area being treated. Very shortly afterwards comes a lightly chilled feeling as the Ice Technology takes effect and the fat cells begin to freeze.

Throughout the treatment you feel a slight numb tingling sensation, and all you have to do is sit back and relax for half an hour whilst the “Fat Freezing” machine does its magic.

Your skin and muscles are left in perfect condition with just the fat cells being limited! These dead cells are then metabolised by your liver and removed naturally like all other waste products.

When the machine is removed you can expect slight redness and tenderness for a few days, and that’s it! You will then start to see the amazing results over the next few weeks further improving for a couple of months yet to come!

The massaging process will then begin once freezing has been achieved.